Boxer Breeders - Their not all created equal!

boxer puppy

When it comes to purchasing a boxer puppy you have several options but clearly your best one would be to purchase through a boxer breeder. Which brings up several good questions. Where do I find a reputable breeder? What differentiates the good breeders from the bad? What documentation should I ask to see to assure me that my puppy's been screened for common health problems and that it comes from a good bloodline? Will the breeder offer any guarantee if a heath issue arises soon after the purchase? These are all very important things to consider. Buying your puppy from the right source is expensive but in the long run its money well spent. Let’s take a deeper look into these questions so that when you are ready to get your boxer puppy you’ll feel confident that you made the right choice in a breeder.

Where do I find a reputable boxer breeder?

There are many resources you can go to when searching for a reputable boxer breeder. A few of them would be the American Kennel Club(AKC), The American Boxer Club(ABC), A local AKC sponsored dog show, Boxer Review magazine, Local boxer clubs, or you could even ask a veterinarian. I would recommend reading the rest of this page for additional information on helping you with your search for a reputable boxer breeder.

Get it in writing

One of the best signs of a good breeder would be one that offers documentation to back up any claims they are making concerning health and quality of bloodlines. They will screen their dams as well as their chosen sires for any history of health issues including Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Hip Dysplasia and will provide documentation that these dogs are free from these common problems. They will also provide you with all health records for the puppy you choose including any records or supporting documentation of any vaccinations they have received. The breeder will also provide you with a complete pedigree for your puppy with a certification number from the Orthopedic Foundation for animals or Penn HIP. The puppy should also be checked and certified for vision through the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) and some breeders will offer a DNA registration with their pups. Your puppy is also required by the AKC to be either tattooed or micro chipped for identification purposes. If the breeder is not willing to offer all of this information I would shop elsewhere.

A guarantee for a dog? You bet !!!

Many boxer breeders have been known to offer a guarantee with their puppies. Should your puppy develop a serious health problem a reputable breeder may take the puppy back and will either offer you a refund of your money or let you choose another pup. Ask any breeder that you’re considering if they offer this type of guarantee and how long it will last.

A warning about backyard breeders

After researching the boxer breed you may be asking yourself, I just want a boxer for a pet, do I really need to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder? In my opinion the answer would be yes. There are plenty of people that advertise boxer puppies for sale in the local newspaper and I would refer to them as backyard breeders. These breeders usually offer dogs from unknown bloodlines meaning you have no idea what type of health issues, temperament, or behavior these puppy's will grow up to have. If they do come from a poor bloodline and develop health problems this could end up costing you thousands of dollars more than the original purchase from the reputable boxer breeder. These breeders also have little actual knowledge of the breed and therefore asking them for advice after the purchase will be of little help.

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