My Boxer Dog, My Best Friend

by Paul
(South Dakota)

Since I was young, I wanted to get a pet of my own. Not just any old pet, but a boxer dog. My love for boxer dogs dates back to the time when I was in fifth grade and each summer, my family and I used to visit Aunt Nora on her farm.

It was a beautiful and well kept farm located in a small and cozy village. All of us used to look forward to this time the most because it was a sharp contrast to the dull and restricted life in the cities.

The farm provided us children with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, get close to nature and learn many new things. Aunt Nora had a variety of animals in her farm but, my favorite was Rover, her boxer dog. He was an adorable little creature with the most worried and woebegone expression you can imagine. He came to her as a puppy and over the years grew into a fine looking dog. He was reliable and extremely vigilant. Any new person on the property would put him on high alert! I used to love playing with him and taking him for long quiet walks.

Then after many wonderful years together, Aunt Nora called up my mom one day to give her the sad news of Rover’s death. I was crushed! Although it had been several months since I had seen him, but I was looking forward to it as summer was only a month away. I grieved over his death for days.

When I grew up, I made up my mind to get a boxer dog of my own. I knew I wanted to get a puppy because this way, you get to train them in your own style and they adapt to conditions better. Boxer dogs can be very resistant and stubborn to change as they grow older. I knew what sort of diet to feed him as I had seen it all my life and felt I was ready for this new responsibility.

I started hunting around, calling ads in papers and visiting pet shops. When I finally found him, I was so excited! He was fawn in color with white flashes on the underbelly and all four feet. He was simply beautiful and could mesmerize anyone with those melting chocolate brown eyes. I instantly named him ‘Brownie’. I brought him home on a Sunday and spent the entire day arranging for his bedding, food and other things to make him comfortable.

It has been two years and Brownie is fully trained now. He guards over me and the house like a real protective soldier and jumps in excitement when I get back from work. I try to take him everywhere I go as I hate leaving him behind. I always choose pet friendly hotels when I go on vacation so that we remain together.

Since I have gotten my boxer dog, I spend more and more time at home. He welcomes me and fusses over me like a real human being and is the first one to greet me in the mornings.

It’s true when they say that a dog is a man’s best friend! Brownie is my best boxer friend.

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