Feeding your boxer puppy

When it comes to feeding your boxer puppy you have several options. You should first ask your breeder or veterinarian for their advice. Some breeders will specify a certain diet, or specific type, or brand of food. Many breeders will give you a few days worth of food that the puppy has been eating to take home with you. Your puppy should be fed a good quality puppy food three times a day until it reaches the age of 16 weeks at which time you can cut that down to 2 times a day and switch to an adult food. Try to space out the feedings as evenly as possible and make sure they are also getting plenty water. Try to give your puppy its last feeding in the evening at least 2 hours before bedtime, so it has time to eliminate before turning in for the night. Most people purchase their puppy's food commercially from a retail pet or grocery store where there are basically three options; canned, or pouched, Semi moist and Dry (kibble).

Dry Food

These foods seem to be the least expensive. They’re easy to store and do not need refrigeration. Dry foods contain the least amount of fats, but on the down side contain the highest percentage of preservatives. They are also crunchy which helps in keeping your dogs teeth free from tartar. They also help in producing a firm stool.

Canned Food

These foods tend to be a bit expensive. They contain a high percentage of fat and water. They have to be refrigerated after opening and spoil quickly. Because they are soft they have a tendency to contribute to tartar build up. They also may cause your puppy to have bad breath, and very soft and smelly stools.


These foods consist of a soft kibble. They can also be expensive. They tend to be very high in sugar and contain dyes, chemicals and preservatives that have been tied to health and behavioral problems in dogs. The soft kibble can also stick to a dog’s teeth which can contribute to the build up of tartar.

As you can see there are many options, but my advice would be to go with the opinion of your dog’s breeder or veterinarian. They know the boxer breed inside and out and will provide you with the best information on what and how much to feed your puppy.

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