Are Boxer Puppies right for you ? Learn all you need to know before you bring one home

boxer puppy

In my opinion there are no other puppies more adorable than boxer puppies. What’s not to love about these little pups ? With those big brown eyes, wrinkled little nose, floppy ears, big paws and beautiful markings. These things alone would be enough reasons for most people to want one. In addition to their amazing cuteness Boxer Pups are extremely playful. Extremely playful might not be harsh enough words to describe these little pups as they would certainly give the energizer bunny a good run for his money, so buyer beware, be prepared! In addition to their playfulness Boxer Puppies are also quick learners and love to please there owners. I strongly encourage you to read the following links before you decide if the puppy route is the right road for you.

Choosing a Boxer Puppy
What to look for and what to avoid

Boxer Puppies-The benefits and the drawbacks
Learn all the benefits and drawbacks of boxer puppy ownership before you bring one home

Boxer Breeders - What to look for in a Boxer Breeder
Help in choosing a reputable boxer breeder

Boxer proofing your home
Information on preparing your home for your new puppy

Boxer dog supplies
A guide to what supplies you need for your new boxer

Feeding your boxer puppy
Information on what and when to feed your boxer puppy

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