Boxer dog training, be positive, stay focused and reward good results

Unless you like living with a loose cannon, you will want to train your boxer. Boxers are extremely intelligent dogs, but they have been known to be a bit stubborn. If you let that stubbornness go unchallenged you could soon have a 60 to 75 pound tornado running around your house and yard. Now here’s the good news. Your boxer has a history of being a working dog and would love nothing more then to worship you and please you. With a little determination and some positive reinforcement this can easily be achieved. Boxers are a very trainable breed as long as you keep things interesting and rewarding. You must reward them with a treat or some praise or they will lose interest quickly.

If you’re interested in some of the most basic commands and tools such as, house breaking your boxer by using a crate, leash training, so you can walk your boxer instead of them walking you or basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, roll, paw or drop it you can get that information right here at best boxer dog. Just make sure there is something positive in it for them and their attention will be all yours. If you stick to a few basic rules your training sessions will be assured to be productive and you will soon have a well trained obedient friend.

Rule #1

Give clear one word commands when possible – Sit, Down or lay(for lay down), Paw, Stay, Come, Drop it, Speak, Roll, etc. Don’t mix up words or try to talk them into what you want by using different words like sit down or lay down. Just try to stick to the one word commands.

Rule #2

Be assertive but always use a friendly tone of voice – Yelling or using a strong voice is only going to make your boxer think that your angry and that’s just going to make them feel uneasy and scared. Remember stick to positive reinforcement and you will be amazed at how fast they learn.

Rule #3

Don’t train your dog when you’re tired – Training a dog is not easy. In the beginning you may find yourself constantly having to physically put your boxer into the position of your command. If you’re tired you will have trouble displaying positive reinforcement and the training session will be a waste of time.

Rule #4

Never hit your boxer – Your boxer wants to be your friend and companion. If you resort to hitting or violence your boxer will soon lose its trust in you and any type of training will be unsuccessful.

Rule #5

Be generous and kind – When training always reward and praise your boxer for successfully completing a command. You have a much better chance of keeping your boxers attention when they know there is a tasty reward awaiting them.

Crate training your boxer -
Tips for successfully crate training and house training your boxer

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