Boxer Adoption - The benefits of adopting from a boxer rescue

boxer puppy


Most boxer rescues will have already screened their dogs for common diseases and health issues inherent to the boxer breed. They will have already administered treatment for any problems or issues that were treatable. This makes the odds of you adopting a sick dog minimal.

Skipping the puppy phase

There are many people that would love to own a boxer, but just cannot commit to the time required to train a puppy. This is one of the major reasons that people would not own a dog. Most boxers up for adoption are either adolescents or adults. Most of these dogs have already spent time with a foster family and have been trained to eliminate outside. You will also find that many of these dogs have also been trained to respond to your typical commands like sit, stay and lay down.


Unlike a puppy, you will already know what their going to look like when they mature.

Behavior and Temperament

Having already lived with a foster family, you will know exactly what to expect from the dog. Everything about the dog will be disclosed to you. Its likes and dislikes. Is it good around children? Does it get along with other dogs or cats? Does it have a problem with barking, chewing or digging? Does it ever have any accidents inside the house? Etc. The rescue organization will do their best to match you up with a boxer that best fits with your answers that you provided on your initial adoption application.

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