Boxer adoption - The application and screening process

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So, you’ve read all about the benefits of adopting a boxer from a rescue and have decided to take the next step. Your first step involved in boxer adoption would be to find a reputable boxer rescue group in your area. There are many boxer rescues listed online and you should be able to find one in most states. I would recommend trying one of the following organizations to begin your search. The American Boxer Club and the American Boxer Rescue Association. These groups abide by a strict code of ethics and would both be great places to start your search. If you’re still having trouble locating a nearby rescue you could also ask a local veterinarian

Step 1 - Finding a reputable boxer rescue

After finding a group in your area, you can then fill out an application for adoption. Many rescues today have online applications for you to fill out, and if the group in your area doesn’t then you could call or email them and they will gladly mail you an application.

Step 2 - Filling out the application

The first section will most likely be asking for personal back round information i.e.: Your home address, phone number, occupation of you and your spouse if applicable, your living situation (home owner, renter), are there any children and or other pets in the home

From there you will probably be asked questions about your home i.e.; Do you have a yard? Is it fenced? If so, how high is the fence? If it’s not fenced how do you plan on exercising and letting the dog relieve itself? How many hours a day will the dog be left alone? How do you plan to restrain the dog when you’re not at home?

From there it may go into questions pertaining to other pets in your home i.e.; Do you currently have any dogs and or cats in your home? If so, what are their sexes? What are their ages? Have they been spayed or neutered? Have you lost, had stolen or given away any pets in the past. If you currently have dogs or cats what is the name and phone number of their veterinarian. Are your pets currently on heart worm preventative? Have you ever been charged with cruelty or neglect to animals?

It would then most likely ask you about your knowledge of the breed and about your preferences in a dog i.e.: Why have you decided to adopt a boxer as apposed to another breed? What research have you done on the boxer breed? What behaviors to you find unacceptable? Are you aware of the breed’s health risks? Would you consider adopting a boxer with special needs, such as one that is blind, deaf or requires daily medication? Would you consider an older or senior boxer? Do you have any preference to gender, Color, Ear or tail being docked or not? Have you applied with any other rescue organizations? If so, which ones?

Finally at the end of the application most organizations will ask you to supply them with at least three references.

Step 3 - Home Visit

After reviewing your application most rescues will want to schedule a home visit to meet the prospective family and see your home in person. They will set up a time when all of your family can be there. They will be looking for any possible problems and if they see any they will make suggestions on how to rectify them. Many rescues will also bring one of their available boxers with them on the home visit. The reason for this is that they want to see how everyone reacts to having a boxer in their home. If all goes well and they have a boxer available that they believe would make a good match you could have your new addition in just a day or two.

Step 5 - Waiting List

After reviewing your application and visiting your home you could possibly be put on their waiting list. Depending on your lifestyle and wants (male or female, color, temperament, age, etc) they may have what your looking for right away, but if not you may have to wait until they have one that they feel is a suitable match. When they feel they have a dog that’s the right match for you they will give you a call and set up a time when you can have the boxer visit for a few days. If all works out during the home visit you could have your boxer.

Step 6 - Contract and Papers

The final step in the adoption process would be filling out the adoption papers and signing a contract. Contract you ask? The contract will contain a few stipulations that you must agree to complete the process. Most of them will state that if you are unable to keep the boxer for what ever reason or if they feel that the care is unsatisfactory they have the right to take the dog back. They may also state that the dog must be on a leash when outside of a fenced yard. You may also be asked to sign papers releasing the rescue from any liability for any damage done by the dog.

Step 7 - Follow up visits or calls

The rescue organizations are staffed by very caring people and they want to make sure that you and your boxer are adjusting well with each other. You can expect a call or visit to make sure that everything is going well

If this all seems to be a little extensive to you please consider the reason the rescue is there to begin with. The people that run these organizations have already seen these animals abandoned once. They already know their available dogs inside and out. They take all the information you have provided into account to assure that they’re placing their boxers in a home that has the best possible chance of working out. So, please be completely honest when answering their questions. You and your future boxer will both be better off for it.

boxer puppy

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