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Behind the powerful, well chiseled muscles and intimidating appearance of the Boxer Dog, there lies a loving and affectionate companion that can also be a bit of a clown.

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Welcome to I decided to create this site in memory of our beloved Boxer mix breed Tori who passed away recently at the age of 12. You can read all about her by clicking on the link "Tori's Story" on the left. It wasn't until after we brought our Boxer home that I learned what a wonderful family dog Boxers could be. We also discovered all the good and not so good characteristics of the breed. I thought it would be nice to have a good online resource to point out all their good traits and how to take advantage of them along with the bad traits, habits, and how to overcome those as well.

I will always try to provide you with a wealth of Boxer dog information. From choosing the best Boxer for you; whether that be a Boxer puppy through a breeder or possibly an older dog by way of a Boxer adoption, Boxer rescue or Humane Society. You can find info here covering Preparing Your Home for Your Boxer, Training and Behavior, Caring for Your Boxer, Characteristics of the Boxer Breed, History of the Breed, Health, Diet, Feeding, Choosing a Male or Female, Great Boxer Names, Photographing your Dog and many other topics.

I strive to make Best Boxer Dog a one stop website for All Things Boxer. If there is any information concerning the breed that I have left out and you think that it would be helpful to our readers please send me an email to let me know about it.

Boxer Puppies
Boxer Puppies - What to look for and what to avoid
Boxer adoption
everything you need to know about boxer adoption
Boxer dog training
Boxer dog training advice and tips
Choosing a Boxer Puppy
What to look for when choosing a Boxer Puppy
Boxer Puppies The benefits and drawbacks
Boxer Puppies learn all the benefits and drawbacks of boxer puppy ownership before you bring one home
Boxer Breeders - What to look for in a Boxer Breeder
Help in choosing a reputable boxer breeder
Boxer proofing your home
How to make your home boxer proof ready
Boxer dog supplies
A guide to what supplies you need for your new boxer
Feeding your boxer puppy
Information on feeding your boxer puppy
Boxer Adoption - The benefits of using a boxer rescue
Boxer adoption - A look at the benefits of adopting from a boxer rescue
Boxer adoption rescues shelters and pounds
An in depth look at boxer adoption organizations
Boxer adoption - The application and screening process
Boxer adoption - The application and screening process
Crate training your boxer
Tips on crate training your boxer puupy
Boxer dog blog
Find out the latest news and information regarding boxer dogs.
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